About Us

Our Mission

The mission of The Woman At The  Well is to promote wellness by empowering, encouraging, and  inspiring women who face challenges due to domestic abuse, alcoholism,  substance abuse, and /or mental health issues, to create a healthier  life. 

Our Vision

Our  mission is to transform our community, by taking an active role in empowering individuals. The  Woman At The Well is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency  providing long-term recovery solutions, crisis/trauma advocacy/support,  integrated health & wellness, and education/prevention services to  survivors of domestic abuse, mental health, substance use and  alcoholism. At our one-stop center located in West Bridgewater, MA we  offer outreach services aligned with our mission to help our community  and surrounding areas deal with the current substance abuse epidemic  impacting our communities. 

We Believe

 As survivors of these  challenges, we know the incredible need for answers and  solutions necessary to save and change the lives affected by these  complex problems. More often than not, those effected by  substance abuse are also the victims of domestic violence and suffering  from mental health issues. The Woman At The Well is a one-stop  location for immediate assistance with persons and their families coping  with these issues.